Product benefits

  • stable multigrade hydraulic oil
  • effective in a wide temperature range (-60°C to +200°C)
  • high viscosity
  • high protection against corrosion and wear
  • no tendency to foam
  • separates water
  • does not attack seals and machine paints
  • is miscible with hydraulic oils based on mineral oil
  • mineral oil-free, biodegradable over 90% (base oil)
  • environmentally friendly, no dangerous goods


CICO® H 3000 is a mineral oil-free, environmentally friendly and at the same time extremely stable multigrade hydraulic oil. It is used in hydraulic systems and hydrostatic drives of construction machinery, vehicles, machine tools, presses and other systems.

CICO® H 3000 is biodegradable and therefore less polluting than normal hydraulic oils based on mineral oil. The product is mainly used when there is a risk of hydraulic oil leaking into the ground or water.

Application information

When changing to CICO® H 3000, prior cleaning or rinsing is not necessary. However, simply refilling is not recommended (do not mix with other product).

CICO® H 3000 is available in the following container sizes: 5 l, 10 l and 25 l containers. Other container sizes on request.

Technical specifications

Substance name CICO® H 3000
Smell mild
Physical state liquid
Density (at 20°C) 0.9 g/cm3
Viscosity (at 40°C) 27 mm2/s
Pour point -60°C
Flashpoint 270°C
Fire point >375°C
Thermal decomposition >350°C
Dangerous reactions none
Biodegradable (CEC-L-33-A-94) >90% (base oil)
Water hazard class (WGK) 1
Disposal (AVV) 130207
Transport no dangerous goods
Storage stability at least 2 years

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