Product benefits

  • highly effective release paste for the assembly area
  • long-term protection against corrosion, seizing, fretting corrosion
  • can be used as a sealant
  • does not harden, maintains a stable consistency
  • high compressive strength and god frictional resistance
  • produces more uniform preload
  • temperature resistant from -100°C to +1600°C
  • environmentally friendly, no dangerous material


CICO® AS 14, the anti-seize release paste, is a metal-free high- performance release agent. It contains chemically treated solids in a solvent-free, biodegradable, organic carrier. Even a thin surface film offers a high level of long-term protection.

CICO® AS 14 is used in all areas of mechanics: on screws, seals, bolts, pins, press fits, sleeves, nuts, plugs, pipe connections, for cold and hot forming, splined shafts, shear turning, centering injection and much more. It is particularly suitable for steel and stainless steel structures, copper and bronze alloys. The high temperature resistance prevents flue gas systems, seals, screw connections, etc. from sticking.

CICO® AS 14 is pressure and temperature resistant as a sealant. The anti-seize separating paste does not harden. The treated parts can easily be separated without any problems even years later.

Application information

CICO® AS 14 can be easily applied to previously degreased parts with a brush. CICO® Thinner K is recommended as an application aid.

CICO® AS 14 is available in the following container sizes: 1 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg containers. Other container sizes on request.

Technical specifications

Substance name CICO® AS 14
NLGI class 2 (thixotropic)
Viscosity (at 40°C) 120 mm2/s (base oil)
Pressure resistance 7,5 t/cm2 (Brugger method)
Solubility in water 0,2 g/l
Flashpoint 300°C
Ignition point >350°C
Thermal decomposition >370°C
Decomposition products carbon monoxide
Dangerous reactions none
Biodegradable (CEC-L-33-A-94) >90% (base oil)
Water hazard class (WGK) 1
Disposal (AVV) 130207
Transport no dangerous goods
Storage stability at least 2 years

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